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Hairdressing scissor sharpening  – London and Kent

Hairdressing scissor sharpening is a vital service for your salon. Working in London, Kent and the South East of England, The Scissor Man is a mobile scissor sharpener, who visits hair salons across the region. If you are not in this area, you can also take advantage of a postal scissor sharpening service.

Regular hairdresser scissor sharpening has many benefits:

  • Lengthens the life of your scissors
  • Sharp scissors make cutting more precise and easier
  • Stops tugging, making cuts more comfortable for clients
  • Reduces strain on the hairdresser’s hands and wrists

Choice of scissor sharpening services

When the Scissor Man visits your salon, you have a choice of three levels of service:

  1. Hand-finished sharpening ideal for slide and point cutting (£25.00)
  2. Remedial scissor sharpening (£20) For damaged and chipped blades. Includes standard sharpening
  3. Standard sharpening (£15.00)

Regular scissor sharpening

Hair scissor sharpening should be part of your routine. How often depends on the scissors and how much you use them, but every six months is wise for heavy use. If you drop your scissors, though, they will need TLC ASAP! Even the smallest damage will seriously affect their performance and life, so contact The Scissor Man straight away on 01634 577695 or 07970 618750. You can also email your scissor sharpening enquiry. Phone for a scissor sharpening appointment today.

Scissor sharpening by post

Need a scissor sharpener? Don’t have a mobile scissor sharpener in your area? Take advantage of the new postal scissor sharpening service – with FREE postage and packing across the UK. Visit our postal scissor sharpening page for more information.

Convenient hairdresser scissor sharpening

If you’re in London, Kent or the South East and need a scissor sharpener, the Scissor Man comes to you. Scissor sharpening takes place in a mobile workshop, meaning no mess or disruption. What’s more, you will even be provided with a new pair of hairdressing scissors to use while the old ones are being sharpened, so your business is completely unaffected.

Cutting edge scissor sharpening

Omega scissor bearingThe Scissor Man is well known in London and Kent as a reliable and affordable scissor sharpener. Combining traditional expertise with modern techniques, his scissor sharpening service is truly cutting edge!

Unlike most scissor sharpeners, the Scissor Man uses a lubricating oil when sharpening your scissors. This helps keep the leading edge of your scissors cool during the sharpening process. And most importantly, this gives better results. Your scissors will be sharper and will last up to 10 times as long before they need sharpening again. Don’t settle for anything less! With a new postal service available, you can benefit from the Scissor Man’s years of skill and experience.

  • Scissors sharpening includes dismantling and cleaning
  • Rubbers and silencers replaced if necessary
  • Plastic finger rings added if requested to provide a snug fit for small fingers
  • Diamond wheels and leather stropping wheels used for scissor sharpening

Book a visit from the hairdresser scissor sharpening service you can trust. Contact The Scissor Man today by email or by phone on 01634 577695 or 07970 618750. Alternatively, if you’re not in the Scissor Man’s area, you can visit the scissor sharpening by post page.

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