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Horse clipper blade sharpening

Don’t struggle with blunt clippers! The Scissor Man now offers a horse clipper blade sharpening service. You can make sure your horses are perfectly groomed for every event when you entrust your horse clipper blade sharpening to the Scissor Man.

Mobile horse clipper blade sharpening

If your stables are in London or the South East of England, you can take advantage of the Scissor Man’s mobile horse clipper blade sharpening. Simply call the Scissor Man on 01634 577695 or 07970 618750 to book a visit.

Horse clipper blade sharpening by post

Like the rest of the Scissor Man’s dog and horse clipper blade sharpening, you can send your clippers by post for expert sharpening and a fast turnaround.

Contact the Scissor Man by email or phone 01634 577695 or 07970 618750 for a fast and efficient equine clipper blade sharpening service.

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