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Scissor sharpening with hand-finishing

Slide cutting and point cutting means your hairdressing scissors need to have the keenest possible edge. That’s why it’s so important to have your scissors sharpened regularly. But when you need an super sharp finish for slide and point cutting, there is no better scissor-sharpening technique than hand-finishing.

Scissor sharpening the Japanese way

It’s no coincidence that the Japanese, who make some of the finest hairdressing scissors in the world, use hand-finishing. No Japanese hairdresser would dream of using scissors that hadn’t been sharpened and honed to perfection by a specialist hand-finish.

Standard scissor sharpening involves using diamond and leather stropping wheels. When you choose the Scissor Man’s hand-finished sharpening service, your scissors are sharpened on a laser-aligned machine, then finished by hand with a honing stone. Finally, a honing wax is used to give your scissors that extra edge.

Why choose the hand-finished scissor sharpening service?

When you’re scissors are sharpened and hand-finished, you achieve a better, more precise cut. And your clients will notice the difference too as the scissors are more gentle on the hair. If you regularly slide cut hair or point cut, the hand-finished  sharpening service is a must.

The Scissor Man’s hairdressing customers also report their hand-finished sharpened scissors give better performance and keep their edge for longer. At just £25.00, this premium scissor sharpening service is more than a snip!

Like all the Scissor Man’s sharpening, this service includes dismantling and cleaning. Rubbers and silencers are checked and replaced if they show signs of wear. And if you’ve got small fingers and need a snug fit, simply ask for plastic finger rings to be included.

The hand-finished scissor sharpening service is available to salons across London and Kent. If you’d like the Scissor Man to call on your hair salon, simply call 07970 618750 to book an appointment.

Alternatively, if you’re not in the Scissor Man’s area, choose the hand-finished service by post – you’ll get the same professional service and a fast turn-around.

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