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London & South East scissor sharpening services

Blunt scissors won’t cut hair. To maintain performance and extend their life, you need a professional hairdressing scissor sharpener like the Scissor Man. With years of experience, the Scissor Man has kept London and Kent hair salons, literally at the cutting edge.

UK postal scissor sharpening service

Now, you don’t have to be in South East England to take advantage of professional scissor sharpening. The Scissor Man offers a fast postal service. No matter where you are, you’ll benefit from the same thorough standards and a fast turnaround.

Which scissor sharpening service do you need?

  • Hand-finished – Premium service for an ultra sharp edge.
  • Remedial – Whoops! Dropped your scissors? Got some chinks or chips?
  • Standard – Just the good old-fashioned service you’d expect from the Scissor Man.

Hand-finished scissor sharpening

This premium scissor sharpening service is for the true professional who believes in being a cut above the rest. Includes traditional sharpening and chip removal. Finally, your scissors are hand-finished and honed to perfection – a must if you’re slide or point cutting.


Dropped scissor or cutting unwashed hair plays havoc with your precious hairdressing scissors. Chinks and chips reduce your scissors’ performance and affect your cuts. Includes traditional scissor sharpening and everything else you’ve come to expect from the Scissor Man.

Standard scissor sharpening

Your scissors sharpened in the traditional way – affordable and reliable service from experienced scissor sharpeners.

What’s included in your scissor sharpening service?

Sharp scissors alone are not enough. All the scissor sharpening service from the Scissor Man include:

  • Dismantling and cleaning of every pair
  • Rubbers and silencers checked and replaced where necessary
  • Plastic finger rings available on request

If your scissors matter to you, they matter to the Scissor Man. For scissor sharpening appointments in London and Kent, call 01634 577695 or 07970 618750.

Too far for a salon visit? No problem! Send your scissors by post for the same professional sharpening service.

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