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Buying hairdressing scissors? Beware of fakes

Genuine Osaka Bullet hairdressing scissors
Genuine Osaka Bullet hairdressing scissors

If you’re planning to buy hairdressing scissors, make sure you buy them from a reputable supplier. Like any high-value product, there are a lot of counterfeit hairdressing scissors around.

According to the SalonGeek hairdressing forum, eBay is awash with fake hairdressing scissors. Even more worryingly, Canada’s Salon Magazine says that organised crime might be behind the manufacture of fake hairdressing scissors and your purchase could help fund terrorist activity.

How to buy hairdressing scissors with confidence

So how can you buy hairdressing scissors with confidence and be sure you’re not going to be ripped off? First of all, it’s important to remember that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Avoid buying your hairdressing scissors from auction sites like eBay. If you do, check out the seller’s feedback very carefully. If they are selling big brand names like Joewell or Osaka scissors at bargain basement prices, they are almost certainly fakes so don’t be tempted.

If you find your favourite hairdressing scissors online, be sure to check out the company selling them. First of all, are they UK-based? Buying from sites in China, for example, could be asking for trouble.

Does the retailer give an address on its website? Reputable companies are visible and don’t shroud themselves in a veil of secrecy. If the website doesn’t clearly show an address and contact phone numbers, be wary. Not only might they be selling fakes, your goods simply might never arrive and your cheap hairdressing scissors would turn out to be a very expensive mistake.

Be wary too of buying from people advertising on Facebook pages. There are a lot of Facebook scams at the moment where people set up fake company pages. They use the images from other genuine trader’s pages and ‘sell’ you non-existent products. There is no way of getting your money back because they simply vanish and set up again under a different name.

The Scissor Man is a long-established scissor sharpener and hairdressing scissor retailer based in Kent. You can buy your hairdressing scissors with confidence and you will find the company’s address and contact phone numbers clearly shown on the website.

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