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Looking after your hairdressing scissors

Looking after your hairdressing scissors

Protect your scissors in a case
Protect your scissors in a case

Buying hairdressing scissors is an investment all hairdressers have to make. They’re not cheap, but if you buy wisely and look after them, your hairdressing scissors will last you for many years.

Storing your hairdressing scissors

Hairdressing scissors should always be stored safely in a dedicated pouch when not in use. This protects them from damage and also helps prevent accidents. If you’re transporting your scissors, never leave them loose in the bottom of your bag. This can damage the points and you also risk stabbing your hand by accident when you reach into your bag to get something out.

Hairdressing scissor sharpening

For maximum performance, your hairdressing scissors should be sharpened regularly. Most scissors will need sharpening every 6 months, but that will depend on how frequently they’re used.

Hairdressing scissor sharpening should always be carried out by a skilled specialist. If you don’t have a local scissor sharpener, some specialist scissor sharpeners (like the Scissor Man) offer a postal service.

Check your chosen scissor sharpener dismantles and cleans your scissors as well as sharpening them. Worn rubbers and silencers should always be replaced as part of your scissor sharpening service.

Always keep a spare set of scissors

If you only have one set, consider buying another pair of hairdressing scissors. If your scissors have to be sent away to be sharpened, you won’t be able to work until they have been returned. Similarly, if you damage your scissors, having a spare pair means you won’t have to let your clients down while you wait for them to be repaired.

Dropping your hairdressing scissors

Dropping is the most common cause of damage to hairdressing scissors. If they fall or are dropped, your scissors will go out of alignment and will need urgent attention. And if you only have one pair, this could mean loss of business until you get them repaired.

Safety tip: while your scissors will get damaged if they fall to the ground, for your safety, you should never try to catch them when they fall. Your scissors are easier to mend than your hands!

Oiling hairdressing scissors

Keeping your scissors clean and oiled will maintain their performance and life. Be sure to use specialist scissor oil to prevent them becoming clogged up and dirty. Never be tempted to use baby oil, cooking oil or other unsuitable lubricants on your hairdressing scissors.

Finally, never be tempted to use your precious hairdressing scissors for anything other than cutting hair! Using them to cut paper or fabric will make them lose their edge very quickly. And if you take your hairdressing scissors home with you, make sure your family treat them with as much respect as you do.

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